The gathering of collective memory. A pre-literate notion of memory, in a communal way, something commemorative rather than putting a memory in a container. What we thought it was going to be changed completely. We are in that way changing our memory of what it was supposed to be. What are you able to collect? Memories? Objects? People? A collection of texts and people, collecting and composing each other? Somehow it's not even important that we have all the knowledge, what's important is the living, generative sense of the collection.

Syster Papyri Magicae

Artemis Gryllaki

Syster Papyri Magicae

Syster Papyri Magicae is a project that unfolds the phenomenon of gender exclusions in male-dominated tech environments, aiming to document, discuss and activate a variety of feminist practices that respond to this issue.

The Syster Papyri Magicae website enables a playful navigation to a collection of stories and practices that are gathered in a growing, editable Wiki. Aided by the early web magic of hyperlinks, one may discover documentation of sexist incidents in tech, feminist hacker projects, wiki pages to write their versions of stories, or even dead-ends. A fictional context of witchcraft provides a game-like atmosphere but is also tactically used. On the one hand, the witch as an excluded figure symbolises female strength, that challenges patriarchal systems. On the other hand, witchcraft is a theme ever-present in the geek culture, proposing that technology has a source of magical power, that one can harness for their own sense of agency and empowerment.

Strolling through the website, the visitor encounters several quests, that challenge them to choose what they would do in situations of exclusion. This method helps them realise how hard it is, to take action under these circumstances. It is also a way to open discussions on diverse feminist approaches, learn about feminist hacker practices, and if interested, become a contributor.

Picture from the Feminist Hack Meetings in Varia, Rotterdam

Quest: Choose what you would do in a situation of gender exclusion

Papyrus: A page from the Feminist Practices archive is revealed

Online session of discussing and documenting diverse feminist approaches

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